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 Players PSN ID & Teams Update (3-8-10)

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PostSubject: Players PSN ID & Teams Update (3-8-10)   Mon Mar 08, 2010 8:50 am

B-Chon_Go_Bosox (Red Sox) (runs the league)

Stros-B4-Hoes (Braves)

Imezru (Mets)

BrianD23 (Yankees)

Schnozz (Rockies)

Steeldragon36 (Angels)

soju_10 (Orioles)

J-To-The-D (White Sox)

Merlottes80 (Blue Jays)

Nowitzki41MFFL (Rangers)

Kurosawasghost (Twins)

RottyMotty (Phillies)

MachoColombiano (Cardinals)

Chazzi27 (Dodgers)

Nemesis713 (Reds)

fasttonez (Mariners)

ghostf_ace (Tigers)

Brian8288 (Diamond Backs)

JohnnyV08 (Rays)

nigluvsmoney (Oakland)

PhillyDieHard90 (Giants)

ECKO_KILLA (Marlins)

SpectreOfDoom (Brewers)

Schnog_Dog (Cubs)


lebronknicks23 (Royals)

Captainclutchdj2 (Pirates)


mrprime09 (Padres)

hiphoppottamus (Astros)

clubkid13 (Blue Jays)
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PostSubject: Re: Players PSN ID & Teams Update (3-8-10)   Wed Mar 10, 2010 12:20 am

this needs to be updated..i am now the owner of the Jays..not rottymotty
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Players PSN ID & Teams Update (3-8-10)
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