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 League Division Setup

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PostSubject: League Division Setup   Fri Mar 05, 2010 7:20 am

League is split up into two divisions (American and National League) I split teams up accordingly so when I invite you go to your division, do not hop around. I sent friend invites to everyone last night. You will play everyone once at 3 games a series. You have 5 days to complete your series. If not then I the commissioner will or the game will set the winner. I did the most because I want everyone to be able to have time to complete their games. There is no fantasy draft. League difficulty is set to Legend. There's no reason why no one cannot play in this difficulty setting. I didn't go with a lower level because I do not want to have homerun derby and when you have your pitcher pumping it in at 98 on the low left corner and get drilled. Everyone will have invites by Sunday night. If you do not accept before Monday I will simply add someone else (please let me know if this is a problem). That's pretty much all I can think of right now. By the way they really impressed me with this online league its amazing. Now here are the divisions. Please go to your assigned team and league.

I believe if you play a national league team at home you will have no DH and when you play a AL team at home you will have to have DH. I believe thats the way it works.

American National

Boston Cardinals

Astros Phillies

Mets Blue Jays

Yankees Dodgers

Twins Rangers

Tigers Rays

Nationals Cubs

Angels Oakland

Reds Indians

Padres D-Backs

Rockies Giants

Braves Orioles

Royals Marlins

Brewers Mariners

White Sox Pirates
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League Division Setup
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